Thursday, 26 July 2012

31st July - Pseudonym/Examples of Twelves


Peter Ibbetson - Drums, Electronics
Tom Challenger - Tenor Saxophone
Alam Nathoo - Tenor Saxophone
Tom Farmer - Double Bass

Drummer Peter Ibbetson, brings together some of the finest musicians and improvisers currently working in Europe. The compositions penned by Ibbetson are influenced by the angular obscurity of bands such as BloodCount, Science Friction and AlasNoAxis, and the textures in bands such as Tortoise, Radiohead and Mogwai.

Tom Challenger is part of the forward thinking LOOP COLLECTIVE and leads the band MA. He also plays in the band OUTHOUSE which features guitarist Hilmar Jennson.
Alam Nathoo is a long term collaborator with Ibbetson and plays in the co led SECOLLECTIVE band - MAP.
Tom Farmer is one of the most in demand bass players of his generation. He plays in the critically acclaimed 'EMPIRICAL' as well as bands with Challenger (DICE FACTORY) and many more.

The music written by Ibbetson reflects an idea of bringing influences from a range of sources as a catalyst for group improvisation.


Following the critical success of the “things” trilogy Examples of Twelves have been reconvened as a live band and reconfigured into a sextet featuring:

Alex Bony- trumpet 
James Allsopp- reeds 
Nat Witts- Trombone 
Kit Downs-keyboards 
Riaan Vosloo-Bass 
Tim Giles-Drums

Playing mainly original material Examples of Twelves constantly strive for a balance between the written and the improvised. Combining elements of jazz, classical, improv, dance and rock music into one fruity blend. Strong writing is combined with equally strong musicianship; the band features many of the leading lights of the current UK scene.

Some press:

”Riaan Vosloo has created a moody, idiosyncratic soundworld all his own under the name Examples of Twelves. It is simultaneously futuristic and retro, wrangling electronics, improv, beats and swing within a contemporary jazz framework.” John L Walters, The Guardian

”luxuriant string and horn arrangements providing velvety depth one moment, the next painting delicate, elegiac colors like a rainy Northern sky. Its a classy statement from one to watch.”
Daniel Spicer Jazzwise

“The band shift from abstraction to grooves with an accomplished ease that make Cinematic Orchestra's live band sound like dabblers. If a nightclub band were ever needed for an extra-noir director's cut of Blade Runner, Examples of Twelves would be it.”
John L Walters, The Guardian

“It feels like Riaan Vosloo has absolutely nailed this album. The concept is so incredibly strong, the writing so well-balanced (between composition and freedom of improvisation), the playing fitting the bill perfectly and the production something that all labels and artists should strive for”
JJ Wheeler, The Jazz Breakfast 2011


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