Friday, 14 December 2012

18th December - Julian Costello Quartet + Lu-Fuki Fan Club

Julian Costello Quartet:

Julian Costello - Saxophones
Patrick Naylor - Guitar
Alex Keen - Double Bass
Milo Fell - Drums

Lu-Fuki Fan Club

Henry Collins - Trumpet
Trevor Mires - Trombone
Elliott Randall - Guitar
Arthur Lea - Keys
Pat Levett - Drums
Jon Cox - Bass
Hugh Wilkinson  - Percussion / Vibes

It's been a jam-packed year for the SECollective down at the Amersham Arms, and what better way to celebrate than with a cheeky double-bill? To see us out for 2012 we've got the fantastic Julian Costello Quartet and the ever-funky Lu-Fuki Fan Club.

Julian Costello Quartet

The Julian Costello Quartet plays contemporary music that incorporates a range of different grooves, moods and colours, its textures both tuneful and melodic.  Some of the tunes are really structured and scored while others are more free-flowing and left to chance.  Playing tenor and soprano saxophones and composing all the music. Julian sees the group as his heritage to ‘jam’; improvise and see what happens.  The rest of the quartet feature very much as equals rather than as accompanists, and Julian tries to think of his solos as conversations with the rest of the group rather than traditional solos with rhythmic and harmonic accompaniment.  To date the group has released a number of recordings, their most recent being Edge of Distinction and Cake and Consequences.

Julian Costello – tenor and soprano saxophones

As well as playing the saxophones, Julian Costello composes all the music for the group, and has released four CDs to date; Edge of Distinction (May 2011) Der-Da-Di-Da (2009) Cake and Consequences (2004) and Tea and Scandal (1996).  The Guardian describes him as “left leaning and having a bubbly Charles Lloyd like tone”, and his CDs have been praised in Time Out, Jazz Journal, Jazzwise magazine and Crescendo.  His music has been played on BBC Radio 2 and Jazz FM, with one of his tunes used on a Channel 4 News documentary.  London born and bred, Julian studied at the Trinity College of Music.

Costello is an extremely moody player on both saxophones and his compositions cover many musical emotive and soulful tenor player” - Jazzwise magazine
Delicate and melodic...saxophone led original material with nods to Jan Garbarek and Ralph Towner” – Time Out
Brilliant music…I am very impressed” - Gilad Atzmon

Lu-Fuki Fan Club

Led by Hugh Wilkinson, and featuring SECollective keyboard-wizard Arthur Lea, Lu-Fuki Fan Club mix jazz-influenced funk with originals and personal re-interpretations of other peoples music.

You can check the band out on their soundcloud page here:

We're looking forward to closing the year out with a bit of a party, a party with heaters, and likely with a few festive ales too! Hopefully you can join us next tuesday down at the Amersham...

On behalf of the SECollective thank you for all your support throughout 2012, the gig really couldn't happen without you, the audience!

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