Wednesday, 27 March 2013

2.4.13 Andre Canniere's Freeway + Nathoo/Hewson

After a rip roaring set from the SE Collective's very own, very burning Matt Ridley 4tet last Tuesday, the Amersham warms up for another delicious double bill...

Andre Canniere's Freeway

Andre Canniere - Trumpet

Alice Zawadzki - Voice, Violin
Esben Tjalve - Accordion
Loz Garrett - Bass
Corrie Dick - Drums

An exciting new project from hot on the press trumpeter Canniere. The premise of this ensemble is to combine sparse, melodic composition and group improvisation with selected poems by Rainer Maria Rilke.

Not to be missed! Andre's rave reviews guarantee an awesome gig...

Jazzwise Magazine (Critic's List) - "Best Albums of 2012"

The Guardian - 
“Beautifully balanced...exhilarating” (5 stars)

Jazzwise - 
“One of the best debut recordings in a long time…a real gem” (4 stars)

All About Jazz - 
“Canniere demonstrates an ability to mix and match influences from different genres to create an original concoction all his own…always played from the heart.”

London Jazz - 
“An impressive debut from a technically assured, highly individual soloist and a gifted composer.”

The Jazz Mann - 
“An intelligent and stimulating amalgam”

Alam Nathoo/Tom Hewson Duo

Alam Nathoo - Tenor Saxophone
Tom Hewson - Piano

Nathoo and Hewson have been working together as a duo amongst other contexts such as Nathoo's quintet and trio Identity Parade (with drummer Peter Ibbetson) for over half a decade now, and present music from their EP 'Aubade' for the first time officially since its release last year. Describing the project in their own words:

'For us this recording tries to evoke the brooding optimism that accompanies certain points of transition - night into morning, late winter (when we wrote and recorded this music) into spring. and composition into improvisation. Over the last 5 years playing together we have always focused on exploring the formal and textural possibilites that the duo format offers, whether through our own compositions or standards. The flexibility to bounce ideas off each other and choose new paths as we play is what has always driven our personal dynamic, and we hope our engagement in this concept comes across on what will hopefully be one of many recording projects.'

What? I hear you say! All that talent and incredible music in one place on a Tuesday night? Too right we say!

CU at the SE Collective

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