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Tuesday 5th March 2013


Tom Challenger - Tenor Saxophone
Alam Nathoo - Tenor Saxophone
Tom Farmer - Double Bass
PI - Drums, Electronics, Compositions

Recording by Alex Bonney



Ducan Eagles - Tenor/Soprano Saxophone
Max Luthert - Double Bass
Eric Ford - Drums

Formed in mid 2012, by drummer and composer Peter Ibbetson, THE TWELVEHEADS feature some of the most in demand musicians and improvisers of their generation.

‘...drummer for the future...’ - Jazzwise Magazine
‘ intriguing composer...’ - Jazz Journal
‘...brilliant, dynamic drumming..’ Ian Mann

Tom Challenger leads the critically acclaimed band ‘MA’ and ‘BRASS MASK’ and features in the bands ‘OUTHOUSE’ and ‘RED SNAPPER’.

Tom Farmer is one of the most highly respected young bass players in the country, most renowned for his work with the award winning ensemble 'EMPIRICAL'

Alam Nathoo is a long time collaborator with Ibbetson, appearing along side on the debut recording from the band ‘MAP’. Nathoo also appears with the band ‘FRIENDLY FIRES’.

THE TWELVEHEADS play the music of drummer Peter Ibbetson. Influenced by the angular obscurity of bands such as ‘BLOOD COUNT’, ‘ALASNOAXIS’ and ‘SCIENCE FRICTION’, also incorporating the textural quality of ‘MOGWAI’, ‘RADIOHEAD’ and ‘TORTOISE’. THE TWELVEHEADS have a sound which utilizes the cross-fertilization of rock, electro-acoustic improv and jazz.

London Jazz News Preview:


Partikel are three London based musicians all with very different musical backgrounds who have come together to make music mixing all of their favorite influences in a melodic, coherent and accurate way. The music puts an interesting twist on the standard jazz format while still honoring the tradition of deep harmony and creative improvisation. Partikel draw influence from African and Latin American music combined with the style of the contemporary New York jazz scene producing a personal and committed contemporary take on the saxophone trio.

Since releasing their debut album last year the band have achieved critical acclaim amongst the UK jazz press and can be seen playing regularly at the some of the most prestigious clubs on the UK scene. The trio are looking forward to releasing their 2nd album in January 2011 with a pre launch performance at the London Jazz Festival as part of an extensive UK tour to support the album release.
“Audiences are sure to get caught up in the sheer momentum of their performance!” JazzWise
“A refreshing, innately tuneful and highly distinctive take on the art of the saxophone trio” **** Ian Mann
“All the players are strong and creative and set to develop together as a group. The compositions are episodic and full of variety.” Julian Joseph Jazz Line Up BBC Radio 3

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