Thursday, 11 April 2013

Tuesday 16th April: The Corrie Dick Quartet

After a great gig last week from visiting artist Alex Merritt and his quartet, the SE Collective is proud to present the talents of the Corrie Dick Quartet!

“Up and Coming Artist 2011” in the Scottish Jazz Awards, London-based Corrie leads a band of highly creative young improvisers, performing a mixture of original, melody driven material and standards with lots of freedom.

Corrie Dick - Drums/Compositions
Sam Rapley - Tenor Saxophone
Matt Robinson - Piano
Chris Hyson - Double Bass

“Corrie is one of the most gifted drummers I’ve come across in recent years; he’s well on his way to being a visionary both as a musician and composer. With such vibrance and flair there is no doubt in my mind that he will soon assert himself as one of the finest contemporary percussionists on the UK scene.”
Will Vinson (New York Saxophonist)

"Dick is a thoughtful, responsive drummer who doesn’t hog the leader’s limelight, preferring to support the musicians in front of him and let the music breathe, and there’s a strong sense of melody as well as a growing individuality in his compositions."
Rob Adams (The Herald)

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