Friday, 26 April 2013

Tuesday 30th April: Dave Hamblett Group

Following on from Arthur's Bootleg Wednesday, we are back to Tuesday night this week and very excited to welcome the Dave Hamblett Group...

Dave Hamblett - Drums
Josh Arcoleo - Tenor
Joe Wright - Tenor / Soprano
Alex Munk - Guitar
Ivo Neame - Keyboards
Calum Gourlay - Double Bass

"Hamblett’s material, while hard-driving and refreshingly direct, contains just enough rhythmic wrinkles and harmonic sophistication to engage the brain as well as the heart" 
– Chris Parker – London Jazz Blog

Dave Hamblett is one of the most in-demand young drummers on the UK contemporary Jazz scene. His style is rooted in the jazz tradition but is very much modern, encompassing influences from many different styles of music. His distinctive yet adaptable playing has lead him to work with many of the country’s finest musicians and play in a wide range of musical situations. The Dave Hamblett Group, Dave’s compositional outlet, have been performing steadily on the London Jazz scene for the past three years, developing a unique voice and a tight cohesive group sound. 

Dave's debut album 'Light at Night' is now out on Whirlwind Recordings

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