Monday, 20 May 2013

Tuesday 21/5/13 Double Bill! Identity Parade + Simmons/Crowley/Turville/Wright

Thanks to Dan Nicholls/Dave Smith and 'The Way That You Do It' for some great music last week! Following on from that, we have a double bill from some of SE's finest: 

Identity Parade: This new SE Collective trio was formed as a natural extension/synthesis of three projects, a duo between Alam Nathoo and Tom Hewson, a duo between Pete Ibbetson and Nathoo, and a trio involving Hewson and Ibbetson. New material has been written by all three musicians drawing influence from artists such as John Taylor, Paul Motion, Tom Rainey and Tim Berne.

‘Blending improvisation with the heavily scripted, and lush harmony with manic atonality, they fuse thrashy grooves with introspective soundscapes’

Simmons/Crowley/Turville/Wright: Rory Simmons (trumpet/flugelhorn) brings three of London's most exciting new improvisors together for the first time together. John Turville (keyboards/piano), George Crowley (tenor sax/clarinet) and Lewis Wright (drums/vibes). With influences of Dolphy/Tim Berne/Paul Bley and Dewey Redman, the combined voices of these unique musicians will make for a vibrant quartet, exploring sounds, melody and rhythm with intricacy, verve and swagger.

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