Thursday, 21 November 2013

Thursday 21st November: Draw By Four + Pickpocket + Late Jam Session

Within the blink of an eye we’ve reached the final day of the SECollective festival-within-the-festival. So far we’ve been treated to a veritable smorgasbord of contemporary jazz; be it the lush woodwind orchestrations of People & Places, the polyrhythmic pulse of Dice Factory, Acrobat’s subtle yet stylish funk or Arthur Lea’s down-home blues.

For our final night we’re cranking the voltage right up with a full-on analogue assault of Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, crackling drums and pumping bass – and some great tunes as well! Not to mention our late ‘n’ Live Jam session in the front bar where we’ll be swinging away until 2am – don’t forget to bring your horns and axes so you can come and join us for a play until the wee small hours!

Here’s what’s going down…

Draw By Four

Jon Shenoy - Saxophones

Kristian Borring - Guitar

Will Bartlett - Organ

Dave Hamblett - Drums

With a line-up steeped in tradition, Draw By Four take the classic 60’s organ quartet into brand new territory where the compositions from leader Jon Shenoy (Ivo Neame Large Ensemble) mix contrapuntal bass lines and rhythmic hooks with thoughtful lyricism. Mixing stark ethereal voices with gritty Hammond boogaloo, organist Will Bartlett (Cliff Richard) draws on a wide palette of sounds that build the foundation for an infectious mix of groove-based original compositions, enchanting ballads and unique arrangements of avant-pop songs.


Ian Bumstead - Tenor Saxophone

Tom White - Trombone

Steve Pringle - Fender Rhodes

Spencer Brown - Double Bass

Jon Scott - Drums

Surreptitiously pilfering through the musical baggage, the fast-fingered SE-London quintet Pickpocket combine edgy grooves and sinuous lines amid sonorous free-improv with an almost criminal abandon. More artful than Artful Dodger, structured simplicity brushes against anarchic freedom, where dissonant vamps casually disappear into distant harmonious sequences. With a veiled nod in the directions of Dave Holland, Mark Turner and David Binney, dexterous misdirection is the name of the game, no matter how deep the pocket.

Late ‘n’ Live Jam Session (free entry)

Hosted by Arthur Lea, you’re invited to come and join us for a play late into the night. Bring your horns and axes, or recline at the bar and let the good times roll.

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