Friday, 18 January 2013

22nd January: Dice Factory + the Chaos Orchestra

Dice Factory:

Tom Challenger - Tenor Saxophone
George Fogel - Piano
Tom Farmer - Bass
Jon Scott - Drums

Chaos Orchestra:

Laura Jurd - Musical Director

Simon Marsh - Alto Saxophone
Will Scott - Alto Saxophone
Mike Underwood - Tenor Saxophone
Greg Sinclair - Tenor Saxophone
Leo Richardson - Baritone Saxophone
Jennah Smart - Flutes
Felix Cox - Clarinets

Rob Greenwood - Trumpet
Tom Dennis - Trumpet
Mike Soper - Trumpet
Matt Roberts - Trumpet

Rapael Clarkson - Trombone
Emma Bassett - Trombone
Rosie Turton - Trombone
George Wrench - Trombone

Alex Roth - Guitar
Elliot Galvin - Piano
Conor Chaplin Bass
Corrie Dick -Drums

This coming tuesday we have a real treat for you down at the Amersham! The SECollective is proud to present two bands making great waves across London's contemporary jazz scene and further a field, featuring some of the heaviest young cats around...

Not. To. Be. Missed.

Dice factory 

This group of key young musicians are already giving shape to the creative direction of a new jazz generation absorbed by culture and arts as a whole: tenor saxophonist Tom Challenger is a LOOP Collective member and leader of unique jazz-electronica group MA as well as saxophonist for Babel recording band Outhouse; Tom Farmer is the double bassist for award winning quartet Empirical; drummer Jon Scott (who according to Challenger has a “ridiculous ‘binary’ brain”) features in MOBO Jazz award winners Kairos 4tet, and pianist George Fogel is a member of MA and other key upcoming bands such as the trumpeter Andre Canniere Group.

The band name Dice Factory was chosen as a result of a fascination with author Luke Reinhardt’s cult classic novel The Dice Man in which decisions made by dice rolling determine structural events which are then lived through for periods of time. Says saxophonist and composer Tom Challenger, “the name really came from this environment, and a very self-inflicted, heavy workload with the aim to getting into the music, where, within a lot of seemingly chaotic music, harmony and rhythm is a serious amount of structure. Chaos, chance, numbers, structure, work ethic”. These are the principles at work here.

To check out a preview of their eponymous debut click here:

Chaos Orchestra 

Somewhat of a ‘secret weapon’ on the European music scene, this large ensemble is already making a considerable name for themselves in London and the UK, consisting of some of London’s most high-calibre creative young performers. Highly committed to creating a spectacle, this 20-piece line-up plays contemporary music by some of the UK’s finest young composers and improvisers including Laura Jurd, Elliot Galvin, Alex Roth and Simon Marsh amongst others. With a passion for new music this hard hitting, cross-genre big band is reminiscent of the eighties powerhouse ‘Loose Tubes’, whilst developing a truly unique, ever-evolving identity of its own.

“Hugely original and exciting ensemble, rich in orchestration and bold improvisational concepts, this group is sure to be the future of British Jazz.” – Mark Lockheart

Founder and Director of the orchestra, Laura Jurd is a critically acclaimed young composer/trumpet player based in London. Writing  much of the ensembles' material, her piece ‘Giant’s Causeway’ which was shortlisted for a 2012 BASCA, British Composer Award.

With more info, along with clips of band performing at last years London Jazz Festival, check out the bands website here:

Get down early for what promises to be a really exciting night!

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