Friday, 7 June 2013


With the summer sun beating down upon us, we can confirm that it is now completely safe to emerge from your humble dwellings. Not without caution though. Last week a burgeoning yet pasty looking crowd assembled, keen to soak up the ultra-violet lights of 'Wave'. In all the excitement, many forgot their Ambre Solaire and quickly turned a shade of jazz-salmon-pink. Take heed folks and factor-up for this week's double bill scorchio...

Dan Messore Trio

New organ trio formed of Ross Stanley, Tim Giles and Dan Messore. Featuring compositions from Messore inspired by some of the great organ records such as Unity by Larry Young, Scofield's Trio Beyond and Bernsein/Goldings/Stewart. 

“It’s fair to quote names like Pat Metheny and the aforesaid Frisell as references,
but the seam of jazz Messore is mining goes further back to such as Charlie Byrd
and Jim Hall.” - Kevin Le Gendre BBC Music Review

"The evocative power of Messore's music is evident from the outset in the open spaces and Jarrett-like lyricism...A formidable improviser with an assured sense of narrative ebb and flow." - Peter Quinn, Jazzwise

Kjaer / Noble / Edwards

Danish saxophonist, Julie Kjær joins forces with the english powerhouse rhythm section of Steve Noble and John Edwards. The trio explores the improvised world in all its aspects with drive and invention, moving from wild and intense passages, odd and peculiar moods to sections of subtlety and beauty. Experimenting with rhythms and sounds the trio pushes their instruments to the limits.

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