Saturday, 15 June 2013

18.6.2013 Simon Roths 'STORIES' and 'CARNIVAL RAIN'

Simon Roths STORIES

Laura Jurd - Trumpet
Joe Murgatroyd - Clarinets
Joe Wright - Saxophone / Electronics
James Opstad - Double Bass
Simon Roth - Drums

Stories is an outlet for Simon’s own music, and unites five of London’s most exciting improvising musicians, whose combined force creates an emotionally charged music full of nifty melodies, fruity harmony and propulsive grooves. Think Louis Sclavis meets Amon Tobin meets Igor Stravinsky.


Carnival Rain

A warm summer evening, the air heavy as the sun sets and the sky begins to close...

Carnival rain is a collaboration between SE Collective members Alam Nathoo (Sax) & Matt Ridley (Bass), along with trumpeter/composer Joe Morris and F-ire Collective stalwart and Oriole bandleader/guitarist Jonny Phillips. Drawing on Tango, Flamenco and Jazz as influences, the band combine the subtlety of a chamber ensemble with the vibrance of latin street performers.

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