Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Tuesday 1st October: Entropi

Dee Byrne – Alto Saxophone/compositions

Andre Canniere – Trumpet

Rebecca Nash – Piano

Olie Brice – Double Bass

Matt Fisher – Drums

The dust has almost settled after this week’s heavy-weight encounter; thanks to Native Dancer, the Martin Kolarides Trio and all who made it down to the gig! Next Tuesday we’re back at The Amersham with a quintet seemingly cut from a familiar mould, don’t be deceived…


‘Lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder’ [Oxford Dictionary]

Entropi started life in 2010 as a vehicle for composition and improvisation.

Dee’s compositions deal with the inconsistent nature of time, the transience of life, exploration of the unknown, pivotal moments of decision-making, journeys in outer space and the unlikely symmetry of seemingly unrelated events.

Expect intricate and compelling arrangements, abstract harmony, varying textures, open-ended improvisation and some heavy grooves.

As ever, doors open at 8.30 and tickets are £5 on-the-door. For more information check out the Entropi website:

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