Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Tuesday 8th October: Hannes Riepler Organ Trio

Hannes Riepler – Guitar

Mike Gorman – Organ

Jon Scott – Drums

An intimate and appreciative crowd were treated to two highly engaging sets from ‘Entropi’ this week, the band plotting a course through Dee Byrne’s complex and intriguing musical landscape with aplomb. Thanks to those who made it down, we hope to see you again next week when we welcome Hannes Riepler and his Organ Trio to The Amersham.

Hannes Riepler Organ Trio

Since moving to London from Austria via studies in Amsterdam in 2006, guitarist Hannes Riepler has made his mark on the city’s vibrant jazz scene, not only for his outstanding, inventive guitar skill and freewheeling energy, but as an extraordinarily talented composer. The Brave (Jellymould Records) is Hannes’s stunning debut album and features some of the finest players on the London jazz scene. On it, Riepler stylishly combines the immediacy of New York’s propulsive Downtown style with classical and folk textures.

Hannes and his accomplices, Mike Gorman and Jon Scott are frequent collaborators and are certainly no strangers to the SECollective stage – so expect a night of engaging, interactive music full of acerbic fervor.

We’ll be opening our doors at 8.30, with tickets £5 on-the-door, see you there! For more information you can check out Hanne’s website:

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Carlos Ferrao said...


I'd like to play with my band at the Amersham Arms. How can I contact you to send a demo and to look at possible dates? Can't find an email or other contact details in your website.